Workout Classes For Couples – 8 Ideas To Try Together

Taking a class together sounds so exciting, learning all the new moves together and practicing at home. But what are the best ideas for couples ?

What are the best couple’s workout classes out there ? And what are the benefits to taking such a class together anyway ?

We’ve looked around and found the best ideas for you and your sweetie, to try and work your butts off. Note that these are not links to this particular class or that, but the general idea of the classes.

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So what are the best workout classes to take together with your S.O. ?

The best workouts with your partner are always the ones that require a partner in the first place, like dancing or figure skating, or even acroyoga.

So we recommend going to those at first, but we’ll cover more in this article.

1. Dance classes

We’ve grouped several types of classes here, for convenience. There are tons of dance types out there that require partner, and are also a wonderful cardio workout.

You’ll feel invigorated and ready to dance some more, with any of these classes.

Do take into account that some of these classes are more intense than others, some are more up-close and touchy than others. So you choose according to your relationship, and what you’re aiming for.

Some examples include:

  • bachata
  • zouk
  • kizomba
  • salsa
  • tango
  • ballroom dancing
  • swing dancing
  • samba
  • bolero
  • street dancing

There are many more examples than than these, the point is that you can find dance classes anywhere. For example when we googled “dance classes” it turned up about 8+ ads from our local dance studios.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to keep you moving and distracted from the tiredness, then dancing is for you.

Many men are not into dancing, so that’s your warning. But once they do start, they become quite good at it. So if your partner’s feeling like they’re not the most coordinated person, assure them that barely anyone is.

Most people get a good grip on themselves only after a few classes have passed, and they realize they actually love it.

You can mix up your dance classes with your work week, or go for longer classes during the weekend, depending on your schedule.

Another great thing about dance classes, is that there’s always a tournament somewhere. So if you’re a competitive couple, then go ahead and join said tournament. Who knows, maybe you’ll even win ?

Those tournaments are always held somewhere nice, so you’ll also have the excuse to leave town every now and then, to participate.

And it’s always a great way to meet new people, expand your circle.

2. Aerobic classes

An even tougher workout, aerobic classes will wear you out and keep you both slim. They’re a great workout, and you ca always sign up for different classes, try whatever sounds great for you.

As with dancing, we’ll give you a list of ideas, but keep in mind that your local gym may have some classes that aren’t listed here.

Some examples of aerobics are step, zumba, spin, kangoo jumps. There are more than these, but these are just examples.

The main point of an aerobic exercise is that it’s meant to put you through a serious cardio workout, usually by incorporating dance moves, a lot of energy, and so much sweat.

The benefits are increased endurance, and the oxygen reaches your brain much better and faster.

One thing to remember if you do take up an aerobics class, is that it’s intense. So get ready for a very sweaty and tiring hour of jumping, lunging, and prancing together with your sweetie.

It’s fun, really, and the instructors are always amazing with how much they can teach you about the human body.

Of course, one of you may need more training than the other, or might run out of breath faster. That’s alright, take a break together if you have to. You can join the others when you feel ready.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that you really should stretch before you begin the class. While you’re there, work on your flexibility a bit, so you can do all the moves right.

If you know your hips are a bit rusty, practice at home lifting your legs higher so you can have no problems at the class itself.

3. Crossfit


We’ve put crossfit here because it’s a serious couple’s workout. You combine weight training with circuits, and so much cardio. 

You bodies will be molded into the perfect shapes that you want, and you’ll have fun as well. You can spot each other at the gym, and the classes are always fun.

The upside is that your bodies will withstand much more effort, so you’ll have more energy throughout the workday when you’ve done this kind of training.

And taking a crossfit class will help you both work on your weaknesses. This is definitely a class where you might have some big differences in how much you need to train. One of you may build up muscle faster and easier, or maybe one of you need a lot of core training.

As always, have patience with each other and work together towards you goal, whether that means losing weight or just getting in the best possible shape you can.

4. Rock climbing/indoor climbing

It will teach you so much about each other. You’re trusting one another to hold onto that line, and not fall. It’s a lot of responsibility and trust there, and your relationship will benefit from those rock climbing classes.

One thing to remember though, is that this is a harder class to master, compared to dancing for example. Your entire body is needed for this, so whenever you can you should train separately at the gym.

You need your arms and legs and core just as much, but the most important part is the core.

So take your sweetheart rock climbing, but start with indoor climbing at first. It’s safer, and easier to learn for beginners.

The heights are usually easy to scale, and you’ll find yourselves getting to the top pretty fast, as long as you work on your core and grip strength.

Another great thing with rock climbing, after you’re done learning the basics, is that it takes you to beautiful places. All the great rocks to climb have views that go on for ages, and watching the sunset together from the cliff you just scaled together is magical.

The level of effort you put in with rock climbing, and the satisfaction of finally reaching the top, is something that is sure to please you both.

5. Kayaking

A more extreme sport but it’s one that’s bound to kick the boredom out of your house. Kayaking with your S.O. is something that will always bring you closer, because you’re sharing the fear and excitement that comes with riding a furious river together.


Will you survive ? You’ll need an instructor for this, since it’s not something to mess with. You both need to be very good with your kayak in order to enter faster rivers, but there are classes for beginners that will teach you the basics.

You can even join a class that tours different parts of the country for the best experiences out there.

The scenery is again very beautiful, but what you’ll remember the most out of those kayaking classes is the fun you had together, and the friends you’ve made along the way.

It’s one of the sports/workouts where you need a large amount of trust in your partner, to steer together and navigate the rivers.

6. Boxing

It might not sound very romantic, but bear with us. Taking a boxing class together is more fun than it sounds.

You don’t have to get in the ring and knock their teeth out. We’re suggesting boxing for the great training it provides, and of course toughening both of you.

Boxing does include the matches, but the majority of the time it is heavy on cardio training, agility, footwork and endurance. It’s an intense workout, and sharing anything that intense with your loved one is going to deepen your relationship even more.

You can fight each other if you want, just know that the matches are usually friendly are there are certain rules hat the coach will have to explain to you.

It’s also a very useful skill set to have in times of danger, getting yourselves out of bad situations if they (hopefully don’t) arise.

There’s adrenaline and testosterone flying about in the training room, and all that energy is going to plug you both back into a productive mode for the rest of the day. A quick shower, and you’re both ready to take on the rest of the week.

7. Figure skating

We’re turning down the intensity here, and going for something a bit more gentle. Figure skating with your sweetheart is something both very romantic, and satisfying.

ice skate

There’s classes that teach your dancing together on your skates, and you can build some very beautiful routines together. Much of that will be just practicing lifting your partner up, properly landing, timing your jumps, and so on.

But the end result is always beautiful. The speed that comes with skating is addicting as well, and we consider this to be a very elegant and romantic sport.

One thing to remember though, is that your classes and training will go on for a long time, especially if you want to enter a competition together.

The competitions are always wonderful to watch, since they bring together people who are truly interested in seeing you two dance together and coordinate yourselves beautifully.

You’re also building some great legs and cores with this kind of sport, so you’ll end up with the booty of your dreams as well.

8. Acroyoga

It’s something not very widely known but there are classes for this as well. Acroyoga is a variation on traditional yoga, with acrobatics and Thai massage elements included.

It’s a much more intense workout than traditional yoga, since you’re also using the weight of your partner. There’s a lot of holding your partner up, supporting each other for various poses, and a very calm atmosphere.

It’s the reason we’ve saved it for last, since it’s a beautiful expression of trust and connection between you and your sweetheart. Holding them up while they balance on your feet is nothing to sneeze at, and it looks amazing, honestly.

The classes themselves will be very simple to understand, but require a lot of practice to make sure neither of you falls on your faces. It’s something that if you take up, you’ll fall in love with instantly.

There are also seminars held nationally and internationally that you can join, to get to meet the community and practice together.

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The benefits of taking a workout class together

You might they’re pretty obvious, but some may come as a surprise. We’ll cover the ones related to the body, and related to the relationship as well.

If you liked this article about workout classes, then you’re probably interested in the idea of working out as a couple, in general. We wrote this article about everything you need to know when you start working out together, from our experience as a couple.

You can find the article here, consider it a companion article for this one. Now onto the benefits of taking a workout class together.

The body

You will both feel sore at first, that’s normal, especially if you haven’t done much exercise until now. The soreness will go away, with more practice.

But in its place will come strength, agility, endurance, and a sense of power when you walk. There’s nothing like feeling your legs move when you walk, and knowing you could always just sprint or burst into dance and be damn good at it.

And seeing that on your partner as well, seeing the spring in their step, and how they stand a little taller now, will make you feel proud as well.

You’re both learning some very good and useful habits that will help you age better. Consistent workouts and exercise will help your bodies not feel as tired as they usually do, and they can immediately improve your mood.

We’ve never seen anyone angry or sad after a workout, or even during. You brain just doesn’t allow that to happen. So it’s a great way to reset yourselves after coming home from work as well.

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The relationship

Your relationship will benefit as well from the classes you take together, since they all teach you basically the same thing.

Trust and communication.

Trusting that your partner knows what to do, and that they can do it right. Trusting that you can lean on them and they will hold you up, or catch you if you fall, or even just know what the next step needs to be without you saying it.

Communication between the two of you is also something that gets a boost, since you;re going to have to learn how to properly explain what you need them to do. Getting your point across without getting angry that they didn’t understand the first time.

Even just learning to listen to them if they have a great strategy you can use is something that will benefit your relationship as well.

You will both learn so much about each other, your fears of heights, of getting past clumsiness together. It’s all part of the learning process you both go through.

Also, sharing intense experiences helps create a very deep bond between people. So living some serious adrenaline episodes with your S.O. will make them even more significant.

Final thoughts

Taking a workout class together with your sweetie is something that’s sure to being you closer, and we hope this article was helpful in choosing an idea for he two of you.

We wish you the best of luck, and to stay healthy !

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