Sport accessories

If you're looking at this page, that show us that you're dedicated to looking and feeling better. Or, keeping yourself in shape if you're already there.

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This page is about the sports accessories  that are the most useful when you're at the gym. Some we own ourselves, some we don't, but we know a lot of people can benefit from them.

We've done the research and compared prices and reviews on Amazon, so whatever links you find here are well thought-out. Some of these products can be used in a home gym as well, since they're aids more than equipment.

These links are all affiliate links that lead you to Amazon, as stated in other places on this site. We do get a small commission from your order, but it does not affect your buying price at all.

Yoga mat

Very useful, it's what our workouts take place on most of the time since we use a lot of free weights. Even if you're not practicing yoga, it's one of the basics of a workout.

Whenever you're working on a set of muscles that needs you to lay down or be on the floor in any way, a yoga mat will save you from the cold hard floor.

We do recommend placing a towel on it, to soak up sweat, since this is water-proof. It can be rolled up and taken with you anywhere, and it's easy to clean.

You can check out the price on Amazon here.


Waist trimmer

We use this every time we have a lot of cardio, or even on ab days. We recommend using it only during your workout since it won't be effective otherwise.

Don't expect overnight results, since a waist trimmer will help you reduce the overall fat percentage by sweating, so you need to be actively sweating in it for t to work.

For reference, we use it twice per week for 20 minutes each workout, then take it off when we're done.

A word of caution, have a towel on hand when you take it off, since you will be very sweaty.

You can check the price on Amazon here.


Workout gloves

Best if they're not very chunky, and you need to be able to dry you hands fast. Their main benefit is protective your hands from the chafing and wear and tear on your palms when you're handling weights.

These are mostly open, so overheated and sweaty hands won't be a problem.

You can check out their price on Amazon here.

Knee sleeves

Knees are a joint that gets a lot of stress during a workout, s it's important to protect them well.

This is especially true if you have a knee condition that doesn't let you perform certain movements, like squatting low, or bending over.

If you're looking for support for your knees, consider getting knee sleeves.

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Home Gym

If you're looking for more comfort when going to the gym, then maybe having one at home is for you. Create your own home gym so you'll never miss a workout again !

home gym