Home Gym

We've put together a list of equipment you can use at home. We know this is something that can help a lot of people, and some of these things we own ourselves. Some are the results of an intense research on equipment you can put into your home and get great results working with it.

Just a heads up, the cardio equipment can be expensive most of the time - so we recommend sticking to just one option (treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical) since they all do their job really well - make you sweat like crazy and work your legs.

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With just a few sets of weights you can exercise all your muscle groups. Choose your weights according to how much you can currently lift, and work your way up.

Most of these weights are on the smaller end, since many exercises can be done with your body weight as well, to up the weight (for example triceps and biceps moves).

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It's one of the most efficient machines you could have at home. Great for cardio days, or even just a warm up.

We use it for every workout, since it's a great way to start your exercise routine. These are usually a bit more expensive, so we've looked for one that's worth its price.

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Incline bench for abs 

This is a must have at home, it's smaller than the treadmill, and very efficient. We think you'll agree with us that the waistline/ab area is something everyone is interested in looking good.

The most efficient ab exercises are done on this inclined bench.

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If you're aiming for more cardio, or your knees won't let you run on a treadmill, you can opt for an elliptical.

We personally use a combination of elliptical, and treadmill training, but to each their own.

The elliptical is useful for working your leg muscles as well, since you can adjust the resistance and how much it will impact your body.

You can use the handlebars for arm workouts as well - just push with your arms, and don't use your legs.

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Indoor/stationary bike

This is actually a great bike according to its reviewers. As we mentioned in the beginning, this is a big plus, since it's hard to please everyone.

You might already know about stationary bikes and how great they are for your legs. But they're also a good cardio workout, so this is another option, aside from the elliptical and the treadmill. You can get all 3, or just one, depending on what you want.

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Exercise ball

This one has an exercise book as well, so you'll get your own trainer with it. An exercise ball is useful for an ab workout since it works every part of that muscle group, but has other uses as well.

Getting a grip on stability and how to properly keep your balance might be tricky at first, but after a few sessions you'll get the hang of it. We recommend having your partner help you out at first, to hold the ball in place.

You can use this ball for stretching, and therapeutic exercises as well.

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Sports Accessories

If you're heading out to the gym, you should take a look at this page. You'll find the accessories you need to have a more efficient workout.

sport accessories