21 Best Gift Ideas For Someone On A Diet

There is never a need for an excuse to get someone a gift, but the holidays are always a welcome way to express our appreciation for those in our lives.

Sometimes those special people are on a diet and are trying to lose weight. So you’d like to help them out and show your support for them as well.

Well, we’ve got you covered here. The ideas we give you can be an inspiration for the gift you get your dieter, or it could even be something you find on here.


So what are the best gift ideas for someone on a diet ?

The main takeaway from these gifts is that they’re supporting the weight loss and healthy living journey. But we’re trying to stay away from something that might make the dieter offended.

That part’s up to you, you know the dieter best and what they’d like or dislike. But we’ll help you with some very good ideas right here. So let’s begin !

1. Cold weather workout clothes

If your dieter is also exercising, and they’d like to take it outside but it’s just too cold for the clothes they have, you can help them.

You can look for some cold weather equipment that will help them run and stretch without worrying about colds and drafts. It’s important that whatever you get can be returned or changed, since sizing mishaps do happen.

Aim for something fleece-lined, or soft wool on the inside, that will resist the humidity in the air as well. We know that’s a lot to ask of an item of clothing, but they can be found.

Some ideas could be undershirts, or underpants, a balaclava, or possibly good running shoes that will keep them warm as well.

2. Regular workout clothes

These will be easier, since there is no special requirement for them. You dieter might like one particular kind of top, or another, so make sure you talk to their friends or workout buddies beforehand.

Or, if you can, look at the workout clothes they already own, and judge based on that. As with the cold weather versions, make sure that whatever you buy and be returned or changed.

Another option is just getting them a gift card for a store that carries workout clothes. Your local sportswear store definitely has gift card options, so you can check there.

3. Gift card for a health shop

Maybe a shop that specializes in organic foods and ingredients, or maybe a shop that has organic skincare products.

Often when dieting and losing weight a little pampering helps, and you’re bound to find a shop that your dieter will like.

You can opt for a gift card, or maybe a pre-made gift basket. Most stores have those when the holidays roll around, so you’ll find something they like.

Or, if you know your dieter is looking for some quality, organic spice mix (with the whole spices and jars and so on), you can go and get it for them. Without the gift card, just wrap it nicely in a bow and present it when the time comes.

4.  A blender

This might sound random, but believe us it’s not. It’s something most dieters and workout lovers will enjoy.

A blender can be used for the healthy smoothies your dieter is craving for, or regular fruit smoothies, you can make nicecream with it as well !

Nicecream is the healthier version if an ice cream – frozen bananas for base, blended with whatever you like, put back in the freezer like regular ice cream.

So you’re helping your dieter eat healthy as well, since they can now make all kind of recipes they couldn’t before. Like creamed soup, for example. Quick, easy, but you need a blender.

Can you tell this is something we love ?

You can find a good blender here, and check its price on Amazon as well. We’ve done the research and looked for one that’s got great reviews, and has a fair price.

5. Gourmet foods or ingredients

If your dieter has turned into the next Gordon Ramsey since they started cooking healthy meals, then they’ll love some quality, gourmet ingredients.

Some examples could be olive-based products, like quality extra-virgin olive oil, with olives separately, and maybe an olive oil-based soap. There are sets that you can get like that, with different flavors, like lavender or mint or something your dieter will love.

Do not underestimate the importance of good ingredients in a diet. They can make or break a meal, and with diets every meal counts, since there are often many restrictions.

As with most options, you can look for gift card if you’re not sure which particular set your favorite person would love.


6. Cook book, with low calorie options

Another thing your dieter could possibly be into is a cook book, but with low calorie options.

Or, maybe it’s a keto cook book, or possibly a mediterranean diet cook book, or something very similar to what your dieter is doing.

That way they’ll have the recipes for delicious meals, and inspiration when they’re stumped for dinner.

Some cook books come with accompanying videos or DVDs, make sure you check for those as well.

Another option, if you can’t find a cook book with low calories meals, is one that is written for vegans. This is because vegans are among the most health-conscious out there, so their meals will usually be fairly balanced.

Your dieter can swap out some ingredients if they’re not vegan or vegetarian, and still get the meals in the books.

7. Weight loss journal

Everyone loves a good journal, even if they don’t write in it all the time. But a weight loss journal will be amazing help for your dieter, and here’s why.

When you start a diet, many things in your life change – the food, the clothes, the exercise level, the mindset, the grocery list, and so on. Most of them need to be monitored, in order to look back and check which change helped the most, or led to something in particular.

A weight loss journal is also a great way for you dieter to keep track of their progress. They will be able to look back on the first day of dieting with the help of that journal, and compare and contrast.

This in turn will help their determination and mood.

8. Exercise equipment and accessories

Some of these are fairly expensive compared to everything else on this gift list, so be warned.

Some options could be an elliptical, or a treadmill, and even an exercise ball. It depends on what your dieter is aiming for – more to slim down, or to tone up their body ?

You could get them a pair of workout gloves, so they can protect their hands at the gym when lifting weights. Or, another idea could be a waist trimmer, to help them sweat and slim down.

You can find more options on our Home Gym page, where we’ve listed a few of the products we recommend for a home workout.

Or, if you’re looking to help your dieter gear up at the gym, you can check our Sports Accessories page, where you can find things like workout clothes, waist trimmers, proper workout shoes, and so on.

Both those pages have Amazon links that you can check the products themselves.

9. Clothing store gift card

If your dieter has lost a significant amount of weight, then they’ll probably need a new set of clothes. You can help them out by going to their favorite store and getting them a gift card that they can use of the items they like most.

This is something that happens fairly often. Losing weight comes with a low of benefits, but one thing that can be a bit much for the wallet is the new wardrobe that comes with the lost weight.

Often people look ta a shirt’s price tag in shock, and try to wear their bigger clothes instead. But if you’ve lost a lot of weight, you can’t do that anymore right ?

So this is one of the ways you can help your dieting friend.


10. Spa/massage treatment

Whether you take them out for a treat, or get them a gift card, your dieter will welcome the pampering.

Dieting and working out are a great way to take care of your body from the inside, but the outside needs some love as well.

After a particularly intense workout, or a long hard week, your friend will definitely welcome a massage, or maybe a simple soar in some mineral water.

There are spa options for men and women, so your dieting friend is bound to be pleased, regardless of gender.

Depending on your budget and what you’re planning to get them, you could set up a number of appointments, or get them a single-use gift card, or a nice service package.

11. Healthy food delivery subscription

 You can find these in most cities now, since more and more people are looking for healthy foods.

You can find some places that deliver the ingredients and the meals are only to be cooked by your dieter, or you can find services that bring an entire day’s worth of meals to your doorstep.

Depending on how busy your dieter is, you can opt for one or the other kind of delivery. But the takeaway is that they’re going to get delicious, nutritious food either way.

Just look up your local food delivery options for some healthy alternatives, or find some local health food deliveries near you.

Most will bring food for a day, a week, or a month, depending on the options you choose, and they’re always properly calculated beforehand.

12. Activity tracker

You can get your dieter a nifty gadget that can measure their heart rate, the numbers of steps take, the speed they run at, and other body indicators.

Some of them can be linked to a phone or tablet, so your dieter can track their progress.

Another idea that works well with an activity tracker is dieting and weight loss apps. Some of them have premium versions, that have much more options, and can be synched with phones and tables and even laptops.

As long as your dieting friend has a way to track what they eat, how many calories they’ve burned, and can even check their top scores.

13. An entrance or subscription to their favorite workout class

If you know your dieting friend is a zumba enthusiast, you can offer to pay for their subscription renewal.

Or, if they’re not signed up for the class but have explicitly said they’d love to join, you can get them a one day entry so they can check it out for themselves.

Whether it’s zumba, or kangoo jumps, or another type of HIIT aerobic class, it’s always a great way to supplement one’s diet.

Another option would be getting them a pass for every class their gym offers, so they can try some new ones and pick a new favorite. And joining your friend could even be a small, second gift that they’ll enjoy as well.


14. Water bottle

This sounds so silly, but it’s something that your dieting buddy will thank you for. A nice, cute, decorated water bottle for your dieting is sure to remind them of you.

Especially when coworkers comment on the bottle, and ask where it’s from, they can beam up at them and say it was a gift from you.

If your dieter is especially active at the gym, consider getting them a water bottle that can double as a shaker for their favorite protein shake or mineral mix.

A bottle or shaker that has a good, well insulated lid to prevent spilling is going to look good, is fairly cheap, and will put a smile on their face.

The fact that most of them come in incredibly bright colors is a plus in our opinion – hard to lose, easy to identify, and a great conversation starter.

15. A book on nutrition

If you can get it signed, then it;s even better. If not, then we’re sure your dieter will be please anyway.

Dieting and working out makes you take a much closer look at what you eat, how many calories you burn, and what’s in a 2000 kcal day anyway.

A book on every nutrient out there, how they all interact, how to properly cook the food without losing vitamins, and many other tips is essential for every dieter and workout enthusiast out there.

If you know your friend is following a certain nutritionist or doctor, check to see if you can find a nutrition book written by that specific person, or by them as well.

It’s the kind of gift that shows that you’ve taken a good look at what your friend likes, and decided on something they really will love.

Or, if your friend is not the reading type, they can get their info in audio form. There are nutrition videos and audio books that your friend can put on their phone, and listen to while they’re working or doing something else that requires their eyes.

16. Workout bag

Might seem pretty bland, but how many people head to the gym without a proper way to store their gear ?

I know we did, for a very long time.

A workout bag can help your dieter store their gym clothes, shoes, and accessories with ease, and in a better layout than in a backpack, or worse, a plastic bag.

One thing to remember about the workout bag is that it should be spacious, but also easy to carry. As in the straps for it should be easy to adjust, and be comfortable on the shoulders and hands.

They’re often bulky, so look for one that’s a bit sturdier and will resist frequent throws, drops, and slips. Having a separate show compartment will make things much easier.

You can find a good workout bag here, a good fit for men and women as well. We’ve looked for one with good reviews, and a good price as well. You can check the price on Amazon on the link.

17. Personalized apron

They’ll know it’s theirs, because it literally has their name on it. Or maybe something about them.

The point is that when dieting, the cooking process and every meal itself become much more important. So an apron and proper kitchen wear is something that your dieter will benefit from greatly.

If you can’t find a place to print something custom on your apron, then look for something your dieter likes. Maybe an apron with their favorite character cooking, or something funny written on it, or even a holiday themes one will surely make them smile.

If it’s not an apron, it could be oven gloves, or a set of great kitchen towels to handle the various pots and pans.


18. Aromatherapy for relaxation

Whether it works or not for various illnesses, it still smells good. And you can’t really say no to a vanilla or lavender scented candles to relax after a long day at work.

Depending on what your dieter likes as a scent, you can get them various candles and essential oils with those fragrances.

If the holidays are around the corner, you can use that as inspiration as well. Everyone loves a apple-cinnamon candle burning happily on their desk in the evening.

One thing to remember, is that if you get essential oils you will need oil burners to diffuse the scent, or possibly an actual diffuser to do the job even better.

19. Kitchen equipment

Like a really good, non-stick frying pan, or maybe a dutch oven that will let your dieter cook while doing other things around the house as well.

A good strainer can make things easier around the kitchen, or even one of those salad bowls that let you cut the veggies in the bowl, for minimal cleanup.

A set of good, sharp knives is also a great option, as well as a good cutting board that’s not too noisy and doesn’t slide around the counter.

If you’re unsure what gift would be best for your dieting friend, you can always rely on the gift card – get them a gift card for a place that carries kitchen equipment, and let them pick out whatever they like or need.

20. Food containers (to go)

This is something no one really wants to spend money on, until they have to bring food to work or school. Then they lament bringing their food in ice cream containers, or something not microwave appropriate.

So help your dieting friend by getting them some nice food containers to store their healthy meals. Make sure that whatever you get them can be microwaved safely. Some containers claim to be microwave safe but still burn in some spots.

Another thing to look for is the compartments in the containers. If you can find containers that have a separate place for garnish, meat, and sauce, then even better.

Even a well thought out salad container is a great idea. Often when bringing salad to work, it gets soggy in all the wrong places. So you’d have to bring the ingredients separately, and assemble it at work, which is never fun.

So help out your dieter by getting them a couple of quality food containers and they’ll surely thank you.

21. Herb garden starter kit

This is for the cooking process again, so that your dieter will have an easier time spicing up their meals.

While salt is necessary for the food we eat, we often get too heavy handed with it. This is because we’re looking for flavor, so one way to help your dieter lower their sodium intake is to introduce them to herbs.

They help flavor a meal and even lift the entire meal itself. For example a sprig of rosemary can make beef lighter and tastier, and basil in a cheese-based dish will give it more depth.

There are starter kits your can get for your dieting friend, that they can grow and nurture, and it will even give them a new hobby.

The same can be done with spices, although those can’t be grown at home as easily as the herbs. But a nice rack of assorted spices will complete your friend’s collection.

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What to avoid when looking for presents for a dieting friend

Generally you’ll want to stay away from anything that looks or could be interpreted like you’re undermining their health effort, or rushing it.

For example, chocolate and sweets are not alright. Even if you’d guess your friend might want to let loose on a day or two, bringing them sweets will not help and can be seen as insensitive of you.

Another idea is a scale. Whether it’s a smart scale or a regular one, bringing your dieter a scale can be seen as rude. We mean, if it’s your spouse and they’ve mentioned wanting to get a nice new scale for Christmas, then go ahead.

But if it’s someone fairly new, or that you don’t know well, don’t get them a scale, even if it’s returnable.

And finally, weight loss products or programs. Signing up your friend for something like that, unless they’ve explicitly said they’re planning on joining that particular program is not alright.

Even if it may seem like you’re helping out – and in a way you are, since it will help their weight – you’re rushing them. This is the decision of whomever is dieting, whether to join or not.

Even if the gifts you bring come from a place or support and meaning to help, you need to be careful about how they can be understood by the dieter.

Final thoughts

It’s always tricky to get someone a present that you’re sure they will enjoy. But your support and understanding matters just as much fr the person you’re getting the present for.

If you’re looking to show support towards your dieting friend, know that you can do that by sitting down with them and listening to them, to hear them out. Sometimes a nice long talk can help more than anything.

Or you can encourage and celebrate their success whenever it happens, so they know you’re by their side.

And finally, you can bake them something. Even if it’s something really simple and basic, like a low-carb version of cookies and it’s just a small batch, they will thank you. You’ve made that with your own hands and it matters a lot.

We hope this article was helpful to you, and you’ve found some great ideas on what to get your dieting friend as a gift.

Feel free to check out our other articles as well, you might find something you like.