Best fat burning foods

Foods that burn belly fat

best fat burning foodsThe best fat burning foods aren’t a topic we’ve covered until now. Most of the time you’ll hear us talking about dieting and exercise for burning fat, and although we’ve given you some general examples of what to eat, we’ve only given you major food groups.

So, here’s a small list of individual fat burning foods, some you can find at your local stores, some you can get on Amazon for cheap, and some you might already have at home.

The thing with the best fat burning foods is that they’re often not the ones you’d expect. Like…

1. Green tea for fat loss

It’s filled with antioxidants and helps boost your metabolism noticeably. It will help you lose the fat, and some water retention as well. It does have some caffeine in is, which helps with the fat burning, and also helps give you a bit of a detox.

Just a heads up, the teas you find pre-bagged will always be weaker. Go for the ones you can infuse yourself.

2. The best coffee for fat loss

Since we were just talking about caffeine, let’s discuss coffee a bit. You’re probably drinking it already, so you might as well take a look at what you have.

In general, the green coffee is more recommended for weight and fat loss, since it has more antioxidants. The thing is, it’s more on the sour side and it’s up to you if you want that. Dark, heavy, nearly burnt coffee (the one I like) is also good for weight loss, since the caffeine itself helps, but it’s a bit less potent.

3. Dark chocolate for weight loss

Aaaaand I think you can see a pattern here, basically anything very close to its natural state will be great for fat burning. Well, some types of foods, and this includes chocolate !

If you’re a raving choc fan, then this is right up your alley ! The thing is, it’s got to be 75% cocoa or higher. Which means it’ll be less sweet, more bitter, but the benefits are there. Actually, it’s more useful than most fruits when it comes to antioxidants and  improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

4. Cinnamon for weight and fat loss

It’s spicy, it’s in your cookies, and definitely should be in your diet. It keeps blood sugar stable, preventing spikes and crashes that will ultimately lead you to a binge. No one likes that.

Tip: ground your own cinnamon, whenever you need it. It’s more fresh a vibrant that way. One stick gives your 2-3 tablespoons of powder.

5. Spicy food for fat loss – learn to love peppers

It isn’t any secret, spicy food will make you sweat. And that’s always good when you want to lose fat. So why are peppers so good for fat loss ? A few foods encourage thermogenesis, including protein foods, foods containing caffeine, green tea and hot chili peppers.

You’d need some serious amounts of hot peppers to lose weight just with them, and the human body can not eat that much capsaicin (basically what makes hot peppers hot). But you can always add them to your diet for an extra boost.

6. Best proteins for fat loss

You read before that proteins trigger thermogenesis – that’s basically your body’s temperature kicking up to burn calories. So, let’s cover the best kind of protein to focus on in order to get your best results.

  • Salmon, has Omega 3 and 9 (lowers cholesterol) and a high amount of nutrients compared to the number  of calories.
  • Tuna, right there behind salmon when we want to eat extra lean and healthy.
  • Grass-fed beef – splurge a little and get your beef grass fed, with as little possible stress, and you’ll get not only great tasting meat, but also  kickstarts the process of developing muscle mass—and red meats are the best for that.
  • Turkey and duck – darker bird meat, more nutrient dense.

best protein for fat los

While we can’t add chicken here, since it’s not the best for fat loss compared to the others, it does deserve an honorary mention for how many people have learned to eat healthy just by eating chicken breast instead of a burger.

When at your local butcher’s shop, make sure they have good quality meats, and ask them to chop it to size for you.

7. Olive oil for reducing fat

Only in unrefined, extravirgin olive oil, there’s a type healthy fat that will prevent inflammation and also reduce cholesterol.

This is NOT the type of oil used for baking !! We burned 2 meat dishes this way.

Olive oil, especially the unrefined extravirgin ones, will give you vitamin and mineral boosts more when they’re cold or room temperature. As in salads, dressings, cold sauces (like avocado sauce or hummus sauce) and so on.