We are Alexandra Mihut and Dragos Ciuraru.

Both college graduates in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Dragos has a M.S. in Physical Education and Sports, and Alexandra an M.S. in Sociology.

We're both big on living a healthy lifestyle, and like to do a lot of research and gather information on this topic, including healthy food, work-life balance, working out, and generally living as best we can.

This blog is all about maintaining a healthy, balanced eating pattern as a couple. We know this is a double edged sword - your partner can be the best support, or your biggest obstacle.

A healthy couple is a happy couple, is what we always remind ourselves, so we focus both in life and on this blog on:

  • the healthy, balanced options for foods,
  • exercises we can help each other with,
  • staying away from foods too heavy on carbs
  • staying disciplined and motivated to work out


So what's our experience with balanced eating as a couple ?

Fair point, and we'll get a bit into detail here:

  • We've had a 3 year collaboration (2015-2018) with Forever Living Products LLC, where we helped clients lose weight and then maintain their new weight with balanced meal plans, that they could sustain in the long run.
  • Our own journey from a chaotic lifestyle and eating pattern, to our current stable and sustainable routine. We managed to shed some kg throughout the years, and this is what we use to maintain our current weight and fitness levels.

Our dedication to a healthy and balanced lifestyle was what inspired our clients to get good results and maintain them, and also what got Dragos several invitations to conferences on healthy lifestyle.

Most people were very impressed we managed have this lifestyle as a couple, so that was our main theme in the talks he gave. The largest conference was 1200 attendees, and it was a defining moment for us.



This blog is about the things we've learned in our years of experience, about living a healthy lifestyle, and how to best take care of our bodies.

For any questions, you can find us at ciurarudragosflp@gmail.com - our email address