9 Best Hobbies For Couples – You Really Need Your S.O. For These

Being part of a couple will always have its benefits – happiness, comfort, emotional support, and a partner to tag along. Of course, your sweetie might not be into just everything you’re into, but you can surely find a hobby you both will love.

We’ve made this list of 9 hobbies you might like, and we’ve included ours here as well.

This list is meant to bring forward the hobbies where you actually need your partner with you in order to make things happen (like tennis, or acroyoga).

Other times, these hobbies focus more on how your relationship will be improved and deepened, even if you can do them by yourselves.


So what are the best 9 hobbies to tighten the bond between you and your S.O. ?

We’ll give you a quick rundown here, and then into more detail in the article. Some of the best hobbies for couples are:

  • tennis – a great workout, and you always need a partner
  • acroyoga – combination of yoga, and acrobatics; lots of lifting and supporting your partner
  • dance classes – will help with cardio workouts and reignite the spark
  • healthy cooking – food is 80% of the effort of staying healthy
  • foraging – berries, mushrooms, spruce tips, whatever you like
  • kayak/canoe – different sports, according to how much extra adrenaline you want
  • board games – you can expand your social circle as well, or just play by yourselves
  • camping/hiking – like a weekend getaway
  • walking – sounds boring, but it’s a great stress reliever

Now you might say that there’s much more hobbies out there than these, and you’d be right. But in our opinion, these are the best hobbies for:

  • practicing with your S.O., since most can’t be done alone
  • strengthening your relationship by sharing deeper experiences
  • keeping both of you healthy and fit, either in body or emotionally

So let’s get into more detail with these hobbies, and see how sharing a hobby with your S.O. can help your relationship.

1. Tennis

When playing tennis with your partner, you’re going to see both their good and bad side. Once you play against them, you’ll find out just how dirty they can play, and how seriously they can take a defeat (or win).

I for one am not very competitive, but my boyfriend is. He takes matches very seriously, and actually keeps score. You two need to also know this about yourselves too, and play accordingly.

Things change when you play on the same side, against another couple. You need a strategy to apply to win, and you need to communicate intentions very clearly. Otherwise one of you will jump at a serve that wasn’t meant for you, and actually lose points.

Tennis has some rules, and you might need an instructor in order to get the best form. Depends on how seriously you want to play it.

But we recommend tennis for the amount of work you’re putting into your relationship when you play. It might not look like it at first, but learning how to properly say what you need will branch into your relationship as well. 

Learning to move together, without exchanging too many words, will also build a sort of silent, second bond between the two of you. Each of you know what you have to do, and that’s beautiful.

To know what to keep in mind before you start playing tennis with your partner, you can read our article. You’ll be able to enjoy the game much better.

2. Acroyoga

It might sound a bit weird. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. But acroyoga is actually really fun, and really intense.

Like regular yoga, there is a lot of focus on stamina, maintaining poses, and mastering your body. However, now you have your partner to support as well. You’re going to do some different poses than regular yoga, but they will be harder.

Which is great, since it means you both get a good workout. Lots of cardio, sweating, and a few shaking muscles are all signs of a good workout.

And the best parts is that you’re sharing that experience, which is actually very fulfilling. Holding your partner up by with your feet, while they ‘fly’ resting just on you.


It may feel like an impossible feat at first, but you’ll practice together to make it work great.

One word of caution though, be sure to stretch before you start any of your sessions. Regular yoga poses are sometimes hard to maintain, but acroyoga adds the weight of your partner to that.

So make sure you are both warmed up and ready to share this great experience together. Imagine the level of trust and bonding that comes with  poses like in the photo above.

You two can have that as well, if you want. Just keep practicing.

3. Dance classes

They always bring people together. In fact, we have a couple of friends who met at dance practice, and then became a couple. You might have such friends yourselves.

The thing with dancing together with your partner is that you can both get swept up in the music, and stop ‘thinking’ your moves. There’s something very romantic about moving together, in tandem, and just effortlessly floating across the room.

Just the two of you.

It doesn’t really matter how bad or good your form is, from the outside. What matters the most is the feeling between you two, right between your bodies.

Of course, practicing proper form, and learning all the right steps leads to even greater dances. Give yourselves time to learn all of those, and soon enough you’ll be great dancers.

Another thing to remember, is that it doesn’t really matter which dance class you pick. Some are slower, more romantic dances, while some are more passionate and fast-paced.

They’re each beautiful and entertaining in their own way. So whether you go for bachata, tango, zouk, salsa, or ballroom dancing (and others we’ve missed) you’re sure to have a great time.

Just remember that dancing is a form of cardio, so you’ll be sweaty and happy by the end of each class. But you’ll also be able to wow everyone with your new moves at the next party or event.

4. Healthy cooking

This is a very low-effort kind of hobby, in that you’re not burning as many calories as the other 3 we’ve mentioned before. But we personally think healthy cooking is mandatory for couples looking to stay fit together.

healthy food

So a healthy cooking hobby simply means cooking together some healthy meals. Or, nearly all your meals if possible. This does several things for your bodies and your relationship.

One, you’re working together towards a common goal, even if that’s just chicken soup. And the goal behind that goal is eating well together, which in turn leads to better health. So you’ve got that as well.

Second, you’re contributing to your little nest, and that’s sure to melt anyone. Being there with your partner, chopping carrots while they steam some chicken breast, talking over how your day went, is a bonding experience.

You’re contributing to your comfortable life, making it just the way you two want it to be, and that includes the food as well.

Third, you’re honing your cooperation and focusing on certain tasks. Maybe one of you is the cook most of the time, but there are times when you simply can’t cook, but your partner can.

Having both of you know at least basic cooking skills will save you money, and bad food at the cafeteria at work.

In our case, I am usually the cook. However, sometimes when I simply can’t cook (time, or illness, or something else), my boyfriend takes over. He makes a mean chicken breast with garlic, I’ll tell you that.

That is mostly due to us cooking together most of the time, and thus reducing the time spent in the kitchen as well.

5. Foraging

Going into the woods for berries and mushrooms sounds like a fairly tale, and you’d expect to bump into Red Riding Hood while you’re there.

But foraging has its own charm, and most importantly, it’s useful. Of course you have to know the fruits and fungi you’re picking, to make sure they’re edible.

It also contributes to your winter stock of food, depending on what you’re picking. For example we’re big fans of berries, and we go raspberry picking when we have a free weekend near the end of summer.


And whenever we can, even if we went looking for something else, we pick up some mushrooms along the way. We just clean them, chop them up, put them in a bag and freeze them until needed.

You can do this as well, with whatever you decide to pick. Something that’s been picked by you will have much more meaning and flavor, just because that’s how it came to be on your table.

You two did that, by yourselves. And we think that’s very romantic and practical at the same time.

Foraging is a bit of a workout by itself as well, since it means you’re waking up early to reach the place you want to go, and then scour the forest on foot, for several hours.

Sure it might not be a very intense cardio, but it’s a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, and your bodies will welcome the fresh air and exercise.

6. Kayak/canoe

We know these are different, but bear with us. You can pick whichever one you like the most, according to how much adrenaline you want to come with your hobby.

We recommend canoeing, if you’re like us and would like to keep things relaxed and chill. It provides your dates with sights, a low-impact workout, and an excuse to travel half the country for that beautiful lake you’ve seen in some videos.

However, if something more extreme is your thing, then you can go for kayaking on the river. It’s faster, and requires more skill, and you’ll be too busy having fun to notice you’re drenched in water after a few minutes.

Whichever one you choose, you will need to decide beforehand who steers, and who paddles which way – one must paddle left, the other right. And a lost of things come with gliding on water, like a few or water, or a very panicky partner(that’s me).

If canoeing is your thing, then give our article a read, to see why we recommend it as the best couple’s sport. Spoiler, it’s got the best blend of romance/relaxation, and outdoors/workout.

trail hiking

7. Camping/hiking

This can be combined with the canoe/kayak if you want. But even if you do them on their own, camping and hiking are some very intense experiences on their own.

Let us explain. When you’re out there in the wilderness, with nothing but your S.O. and a compass, your relationship is sure to be tested. You’re going to try and survive as best you can in the span of a weekend, and you’ll be relying on each other.

It’s an experience of its own, setting up a tent without arguing, and starting a fire with just twigs and a match.

You could go just hiking, leave in the morning and come back by nightfall. That’s a great way to explore some terrain near your hometown, and it’s a great way to come back with a few buckets of mushrooms and spruce tips (great for syrups).

Or, if you combine it with camping, you can set your base somewhere quiet, and go for longer treks in the vicinity of your tent. That depends on the area you’ve set base, and whether you want to leave your tent unattended for a few hours.

It’s a bonding experience, just you and your partner, no internet or random work calls. Just the open sky, and a campfire to keep you warm.

8. Walking

It might sound incredibly boring. Walking. Everyone walks, why would it be special ?

Well, that’s true. But talking walks with your S.O. can improve your relationship. It’s a few calories burned, so that’s a plus. And you’re taking a breather from what you’ve been doing.

This is actually one of our hobbies, Dragos and I go for quick walks throughout the day, after work, to clear our minds and put the focus back on our relationship.

We take those walks at work as well; whenever we can steal 5 minutes on a break, we’re out the door, whether it’s winter or summer.

So we recommend taking walks together with your partner, to refocus on your relationship if things are getting too crowded. Or even go for longer walks, like an hour long. Since it’s just the two of you walking, you’re either going to talk, or be quiet together.

Both options help build your relationship, since it’s important to know how to let each other speak, and also enjoy quiet time together.

Walks on the beach, or in some nearby nature are always the one that have the most calming effect. Even a nearby park is better than walking between buildings and houses, so try and find a greener area, with more trees and nature, even if it’s in the city.

board game

9. Board games

We love board games, and we love winning against each other. One of our favorite games is Rummy, and we recommend it to anyone looking for reasons to break up.

No, really, Rummy is a great game and it can bring out the worst in you when you know what piece your partner’s missing and you still keep it for yourself.

That applies to any game, really. Whether you’re playing Catan, Activity, Dixit, or even plain ol’ Jenga, you’re going to get very personal with it.

Investing time and energy into a game together will help you bond over it, but as with tennis, don’t keep the score too hard. It’s alright to lose, and alright to win. Don’t rub it in each other’s faces.

If you’re feeling extra geeky, get your friends into a Dungeons and Dragons game, and you won’t notice the night passing.

Board games can be played on your own, or you can use them as an excuse to get together with friends from time to time, and even make your own board game club.

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Final thoughts

Sharing a hobby with your S.O. is a great way to bond with them, and you’re going to love every minute of it. Look over this article together, and pick a hobby that you both would enjoy. No point in one of you loving the idea of acroyoga if the other is hung up on Jenga.

So pick a hobby together, and get yourselves into a great routine. Once you start, you’re going to love it.

As a first hobby, we recommend either dance classes or cooking healthy meals together, depending on how much energy you want to expend.

Whatever you choose, we hope this article was of great help to you. Stay healthy !

Feel free to check our other articles as well, you might find something you like.