The 9 Best Couple’s Sports To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

If you’re a couple looking to stay fit, or even just active, then this list is for you. We’re tackling the 9 best couple’s sports, and how they can strengthen your relationship.

Taking up a sport together can be just the right thing, to get you both off the couch and out in the fresh air.

These are all sports that are meant to help in certain areas of a relationship, like building trust, or bringing more adrenaline into your lives, or finding some quiet time to spend with each other.

We’ll get into a list of them, and then talk about how playing a sport in general help your relationship grow beautifully.

So what are the best sports for couples ?

We’ll start with the one we already agreed that is the best, and go from there.

1. Canoeing

It might sound a bit boring, but canoeing really is one of the best sports to get into with your loved one. You can read more on why it’s the best sport/hobby for couples here, along with some ideas on how to start.


It might not be a very competitive sport, compared to running or tennis. But it’s the best blend of outdoors, active, and romance.

The only thing that comes close is a picnic, but there’s not that much workout involved there. But you can have a picnic on your canoe !

Take your sweetheart out to the middle of the lake, watch the sun set, and have a romantic dinner right there on the lake.

We recommend canoeing because it has:

  • a mini workout, loading and unloading the boat, rowing, pulling the boat to the shore, and so on
  • romantic scenery and quiet time with your sweetheart
  • you’re out in nature, just the two of you and a couple of fish swimming by
  • the evening or night sky is much prettier from the middle of a lake, less light pollution

Canoeing is a gentle, great way to spend time with your loved one, and also be somewhat active. It will teach you to work together with your partner, coordination when it comes to paddling, and always give you a reason to leave the house.

2. Tennis

A very different sport from canoeing, yes, but the second best in our opinion. Tennis is much more active, and competitive, even when you’re playing against each other.

But what it loses in ‘relaxation’ it makes up for in ‘workout’. It really depends on the kind of couple you are, and what you’re aiming for. If a good workout with some intense cardio is for you, then tennis will be the best answer.

You can play against each other, or together against another couple. Or, if you want to really go for it, play mixed doubles.

Tennis will literally keep you guessing, where the ball will land next and how fast you can get to it. Imagine sharing that experience with your partner, and sharing that match.

It will bring you both much closer, and plug you back in after a tiring day at work. It might sound counter-intuitive, to go and be physically active when all you want to do is turn into a vegetable after a long workday.

But in all honesty, a quick tennis match is what helps the most. Getting yourselves out of the house is the biggest step, and the hardest. Once you’re there and you feel the racket in your hands, you’ll bee feeling very differently.

We recommend tennis as a couple’s sport since it can’t really be played with just one person, you always need at least 2. And it keeps you running, gets the blood flowing, and puts you both in a great mood.

Just make sure to keep these 4 things in mind before you start playing tennis together, so you can avoid the pitfalls, and just enjoy your time together.

3. Golfing

Here’s one for the least active couples out there. The ones who want to just relax with their loved one, and love the outdoors, but also don’t want to(or can’t) put in too much physical effort.

It’s also a very great idea for older couples, since it doesn’t take as much of a toll on the body. Another great thing about golf is that it requires much more attention to detail, and gives you time to think long and hard about where you want that ball to go.


So if you have a lot of free time on your hands, and want to play the most relaxing sport ever, tale up golfing. It might be just what you were looking for.

One thing golfing teaches couples, is patience. Waiting for your partner to calculate trajectories, take wind direction into account, and squint to find the hole, it all requires patience.

So it’s very good training, if your relationship is lacking in that department.

Another great thing is how quiet golfing is. No one is yelling, no cars honking, nothing going by very fast. Even the golf carts are fairly slow, just enough to get you somewhere but not very fast.

So no one will interrupt the two of you out there on the course. You can even take a couple of hours in your match to lounge on a bench and have a peaceful moment, watching the birds on the court, or the clouds.

Whatever you do, you’re bound to have fun.

4. Running

It might seem like a very lonely thing at first, but running with your S.O. is actually a great way to build your relationship. There’s a certain amount of training required with running together, as opposed to other sports.

One of you will inevitably be in better shape that the other, even if just a bit more. So cardio training will be something mandatory for you both, in order to get the best experience when you go out running with your loved one.

You can trek along some beautiful paths while running, especially if you live in the country side. Our favorite type of terrain to run is the forest, with the trees, and the cool shade, and the up-and-down of the forest floor.

As said before, keep in mind that there will be differences between the two of you when you take up running together. One will need more training, one might need to take breaks more often, and one of you will be more into it.

While you can totally run by yourself, running with your spouse is even better. Imagine the sense of freedom you get when you’re just out there, running to wherever you wish. And sharing that with the person you love the most ?

It’s one of the most beautiful things out there.

As with canoeing, it’s a kind of sport that will take you to different places in your area, maybe even different countries, so see different running paths.

And if you’re a competitive couple, you can always join a marathon, or some other running competition you’d love.

5. Dancing

We’re talking about dance classes here, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of dance you learn. As in, each dance style is different and teaches you different things, but the end result is the same.

You’re up close and personal with your sweetie, you’re coordinating every fiber of your body with theirs, and it brings you so much closer.

So dancing can be a great way to rekindle the flame in your relationship, if that was starting to become a problem. It’s a great idea even if there is no problem in the romance department anyway.

The point with dancing is that it’s also a wonderful cardio workout, and it keeps you entertained for hours on end. You won’t really notice how the time goes by, but you’ll notice you’ll be short of breath by the end of it.

However this is all a great trade when you think about the amount of energy and feeling of ”alive” dancing gives you. Even if you just go dancing in a club, it can be an uplifting experience.

But we recommend learning a new dance, for the structure it brings into your life, and the novelty of learning something together. If your wedding is coming up soon, then the dance lessons will come in handy ! You’ll be able to get the best reactions at your reception.

One thing to keep in mind though, when starting to dance one of you may be very clumsy. It’s usually the men who have a harder time coordinating themselves in the first place, but this can all be learned.

So start dancing and you’ll see your relationship benefit !

6. Swimming

Another cardio workout, and another one to keep you entertained for hours. This is honestly one of the best ways to train your entire body, from head to toe. Learning to swim properly can be just as exhausting as learning to ski (minus the bruises).


If one of you is a competent swimmer, it will help your relationship even more when you teach your partner how to swim. Holding your S.O. on their belly while they learn how to keep their body in the proper form is an experience of its own.

It might take a few tries, but your partner will learn anyway. Even if it’s not the most correct form, they’ll still have fun doing laps around the pool.

If you have beach access things become even more fun, since the sea provides a better environment for learning to swim, with the salt water holding you up.

Even just alternating between actively swimming, and then just floating about is a great experience together. And the float itself will work your entire body, so even then you get a workout, and some more cardio.

We do recommend taking breaks every now and then, to catch your breath. Or, to bring a pool noodle with you, to hold onto when you’re getting too tired to swim anymore.

You can even combine this sport with a date. At the beach, or at the pool, spend some quality time together, soaking up the vitamin D from the sun, and getting a bit of a workout swimming together afterwards.

7. Skiing

It’s one of the toughest sports to learn, but so rewarding. The toughest thing to learn actually, is how to fall properly. Yes, there’s even guidelines for that.

Learning to ski will wear you out in the beginning, until you build up your resistance. Afterwards, you’re both set to tear up that slope.

However keep in mind that unlike some sports on this list, skiing does require professional training. So unless one of you is a licensed instructor, consider taking some classes together.

You’ll save yourselves the hassle of trying to figure out how to put on the boots and the actually walk in them, and learn proper form from the start.

Once you do learn how to ski, you’ll find it’s an awesome experience for both of you. And, like running and canoeing, skiing will bring you to many new and different places to practice.

If you really fall for this sport, you’ll find yourselves travelling to the best places you can find in order to get to the best slopes. If you already live in a mountain area, then it’d be a waste not to start learning ski today.

It’s a great workout as well, requires your entire body to properly go down the mountain. There’s the leg workout when you climb back up, even with a ski lift. There’s the core workout trying to find your balance, and some serious cardio to keep going at all.

All in all, a great sport to practice together and keep yourselves in shape.

8. Cycling

The best thing about cycling, is that if you can ride a bike, you can take up cycling as well. Since most people learn how to ride a bike as kids, you’ll probably have an easy time with cycling.

The important thing to know about cycling together is that you need very good communication to make sure you’re safe on the road. The best idea is to cycle behind each other, as with running.

Since you can cover an amazing amount of distance, you can take cycling tours across the country, or explore the countryside by yourselves.

It’s a great way to keep yourselves entertained, and it’s a great workout as well. I think you’ve noticed a theme in this list already.

Cycling is both a leg workout, and a cardio workout. If neither of you goes cycling frequently, remember to start small at first. You may get carried away by the scenery and not notice the burning sensation in your legs.

But it’s not pretty when both of you need help walking the next few days because of sore muscles and leg cramps. So take it easy at first, since it can be pretty deceiving.

If sore muscles do happen, that’s alright. Just know that the fix for that is more exercise, but you’ll be more tired the next time.

The point is to take it slow at first, so you build up some resistance and end up cycling halfway across the world together.

Or maybe just around your city, that’s fine too. As long as you two enjoy each other, and remember to enjoy the views you find.

You can even turn it into a weekend getaway, the two of you, your bikes, and a cozy cabin in the woods somewhere close.

9. Rock climbing/indoor climbing

We’ve grouped these two together since they’re pretty much the same kind of workout. And they teach you the same thing in your relationship: trust and responsibility.

When you’ve got your partner relying on your for support in case things go wrong, you’re going to be very responsible with where you pin your cord.

If you choose rock climbing, so outdoors, you’ll have the option of great views again, and that feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach the top after a serious workout.

There is an amazing amount of coordination necessary, for each of you on your own, and together as well. Also, the adrenaline of being so high up you can possibly see your house from where you are is sure to connect you deeply with your partner.

To the ladies reading this, your nails will have to be trimmed for this, since both rock and indoor climbing relies heavily on how well you can grip the supports.

We recommend starting with indoor climbing at first, since this is a sport that absolutely needs training. You need to learn how to fix your straps properly, where you can put your foot, and how to hold on if you’re slipping.

Aside from this, a workout at the gym would be required as well, if you want to have more progress with rock climbing as well. You need strength and endurance in every limb, and especially your core, in order to last for a longer time.

Whichever option you choose, outdoor or indoor, make sure you take professional classes, and stay safe !

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On practicing any sport together

Whatever sport you choose to play together, there are a few things to remember.

First off, since you are two different people, you will earn things differently. Even if you take the same classes, have the same instructor. One will learn faster, one will be stuck at a certain movement and need much more practice or something similar.

Try your best to have patience with each other. The end goal of practicing any sport together is learning to cooperate, and coordinate yourselves.

In tennis you have to learn to work together when playing on the same side of the net, when you’re running you need to keep a nice, even pace that you can both handle. When you’re in the middle of the lake you need to know how to work together to steer and maneuver the canoe, and so on.

Another thing to remember, is that while you may get a bit competitive, you’re still doing this sport for fun. So don’t gloat over who won this match, or be resentful that you’re a slower learner than your spouse.

Have fun together, and remember that you are a couple. That comes before anything else.

We hope this article will help you pick a sport that you would both like. Feel free to check out other articles as well, you might find something you like.