7 Reasons Your Girlfriend Eats Too Much Chocolate

This is an especially important topic, everyone knows at least one chocolate lover, me included. I always had too much of a sweet tooth for all things chocolate-flavored, but managed to keep it in check.

There are, however, many women out there who are a bit too much into chocolate, and your sweetheart might be one of them.

That’s alright, we’re here to tell you why your girlfriend might be eating all that chocolate, and even what you can do to help her out !

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So why is your girlfriend eating too much chocolate ?

We’ll put these 7 reasons into bullet points for convenience, then get into them one by one in the rest of the article:

  • She has a sweet tooth, and the chocolate is the best thing ever for her. We can help you bring her better alternatives, that still have a chocolate flavor.
  • Magnesium deficiency, and chocolate (actually cacao powder) is a good source for Magnesium.
  • She might be an emotional eater, and chocolate is known for its mood enhancing properties.
  • She loves the novelty of it, the shapes and flavors are too interesting for her to resist.
  • She gets a bit of an energy rush, so it’s kind of like a mini coffee.
  • Plain old habit, simple as that.
  • Forbidden fruit, and the satisfaction of actually eating it. Every woman ever knows the damage chocolate can do to a waistline. But we all love it.

Now, that you know the reasons your girlfriend eats too much chocolate, let’s take them one by one, and talk about what you can do to help her reach a more balanced view on chocolate (i.e. stop eating so much).

1. Your girlfriend has a sweet tooth

It’s the most common reason, more common than any other. All people have a bit of a sweet tooth, true, but let’s talk about why she goes for chocolate and not something else.

The truth is, chocolate is readily available in most places of the world, and it does in fact taste sweeter than most fruits.

And since a sweet tooth is a trained tooth, if she kept eating sweets ever since she could remember, chances are the sweet craving will kick in, whether she actively wants to eat sweets or not.

What can you do about it ?

We’ve put together several alternatives to chocolate you can use, most of which can be easily made at home. I mean they will taste like chocolate (mostly), but have less calories, and be less sweet. You can find them in a separate section, towards the end of the article.

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2. The Magnesium deficiency everyone blames

And it happens to be true, even though it might sound like an old wives tale. 100 grams of cocoa powder has 499 mg of Magnesium (1) which is a bit over what a fully grown woman needs for her daily Magnesium intake. Magnesium is useful for your bones, general health, and is found in most aids for focus and relaxants.

However no one eats 100 grams of straight up cocoa – that’s about 13.5 whole tablespoons of cocoa powder ! And most chocolates don’t even have 45% cocoa content, since most are milk chocolates with various flavors.

In order for your girlfriend to get the most Magnesium out of her chocolate, she needs the darkest chocolate she can tolerate. Anything over 75% will do, but the higher that percentage goes, the more Magnesium she gets.

But, dark chocolate is fairly bitter, and as stated above a sweet tooth is a trained tooth. That means your girlfriend can unlearn the apparent need for sugar in her chocolate.

However we recommend looking for a quality dietary supplement, in order to get the recommended daily dose of Magnesium your girlfriend needs. You get just the Magnesium, without the calories from the chocolate.

3. Your sweetheart might be en emotional eater

And that happens to quite a lot of people. Instead of drowning their sorrows on alcohol, they munch on chocolate and eat way too much ice cream. You’ve seen it everywhere, even in movies (although exaggerated).

There’s something very comforting about chocolate chip cookies that your girlfriend and every other woman knows, and the issue here is both about calories (she’s probably not going to head to the gym after half a box of cookies, let’s be real) but also about the attachment she has to food.

I myself had this odd relationship to food and sweets, where I felt guilty for not eating everything off my plate – someone bothered to make it, it’d be a shame to waste it. 

I overcame it only a few years ago after realizing that, while taste is very important, nutrition is much more important. It’s the same with chocolate.

Help your girlfriend understand the relationship between the calories she’s eating and the nutritional benefits the food and sweets bring her. 

Generally, whatever has added sugar should be steered clear from. Whole foods are the way to go. Chocolate replacements are near the end of the article, to get your girlfriend a quick fix.

4. The novelty of chocolate might be the trigger

Every Valentine’s day you see a very clear example of this. Chocolate figures of all shapes, sizes, and flavors are everywhere around you. Maybe you got a cute box of them for your lady this year.

You can find them around other times as well, but Valentine’s is notorious for this.

valentines choco

If you take a look at your girlfriend’s perfume collection, or her earrings, you might notices she has a thing for ‘unique’ and pretty objects.

So how can she resist the chocolate bunny with cherry filling ? She probably can’t, and so can’t other women as well.

As well as the fact that she probably associates chocolates with gifts, or some sort of pampering, or general attention towards herself – like getting a box of chocolate for her birthday, Christmas, or even randomly from you.

That all contributes to the dopamine(happiness hormone) release and her body remembers that. It ties in nicely with the ’emotional eater’ part.

You can help your girlfriend get over this by talking about why it’s important for her to practice self-control, even when just small bits of chocolate are involved. Also, slowly go from regular chocolate to dark chocolate, and, if need be, limit the quantity of chocolates.

5. Your girlfriend gets a bit of an energy rush from the caffeine in chocolate

True, caffeine does exist in chocolate, that’s 230 mg of caffeine in 100 gr of cocoa powder. But again, no one eats 100 gr of pure cocoa powder.

Most chocolates have much less caffeine in them, after being processed and blended with the rest of the ingredients.

However that small amount of caffeine does exist, and it does have an impact on the brain’s tiredness sensors. Basically a few pieces of chocolate are like a small, light coffee.

While the rush doesn’t last for very long, your girlfriend definitely feel it, and when you combine this with the dopamine rush of eating something sweet, the effect is even more powerful.

6.  She just has a habit of eating chocolate, and sweets in general

This is what no one wants to hear, but it’s directly tied into the sweet tooth part of the article. If your lady has been eating sweets since she was little, all she did was train her body and mind that sweet cravings are alright, and that they should be rewarded with chocolate(easiest to find).

baby chocolate

That being said, many people are in this situation, and so was I. I saw no problem with having a stash of chocolate in a drawer for ‘hard times’, and always made sure it was well stocked.

I’ve stopped doing that for some years now, because I found out just how fast sugar turns into body fat if you don’t exercise regularly, or keep an eye on your calories.

For this, she’d need your support in eating less sweets, if that’s something she’d want to do. And the first step for that is to eat less and less sweeter foods. You can use the alternatives we wrote near the end of this article.

7. Chocolate is the forbidden fruit, and she knows it

You’ve seen and heard many women complain and moan over how unfair diets are, and how their chocolate is now gone.

So even if your girlfriend is not currently on a diet, she still knows the damage chocolate can do. But it’s soooo good, she might just have another one. And another. And there’s that satisfaction that comes with breaking the rules.

The reason chocolate(or sweets in general) is a forbidden fruit is because the sugar in it gets turned into body fat fairly fast, unless it gets spent at the gym doing some intense workouts.

Many people avoid working out, and would rather just keep an eye on what they eat. This is understandable, since our bodies are meant to preserve energy, not expend it. It’s very hard to oppose your brain’s survival instincts.

Your lady might not be very different. Talk to her about it, and see if there’s any compromise you can bring her to, like having dark 75% chocolate instead of regular.

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Here’s some low carb alternatives to chocolate, that your girlfriend might enjoy !

  • Dark chocolate, 85% or higher – lower sugar content, and obviously fairly bitter.
  • Banana-based desserts with cocoa powder – like nicecream (freeze banana, then blend it with cocoa powder and some chia seeds)
  • 1 mug of almond hot cocoa – swap regular milk with almond milk(or soy, or rice, or whichever you like most), and try your hardest to not add more than half a tsp or brown sugar or honey.
  • Homemade chocolate – add the cocoa powder to melted coconut oil, and add just a bit of honey. Portion in an ice cube tray, store in fridge.
  • Chocolate-avocado pudding – doesn’t taste like avocado; add as many tsp of cocoa you want to half an avocado, and some honey, all in a blender. Add almond flour if you want to thicken it up a bit. We recommend adding some rum flavoring, or shredded coconut.

So you can substitute regular milk chocolate with cocoa-based foods, which are low in sugar(added or pre-existing). This is because store-bought chocolate has a high sugar content, which is bad on its own.

But when you combine the sugar with fat (the cocoa butter needed to make chocolate) it becomes even more dangerous for the waistline.

So the key is sticking to low sugar substitutes, which still taste like chocolate, or at least cocoa. Some can be bought, some can be made at home.

We hope this article will be useful to you and your sweetheart. Stay healthy !

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