25 Healthy Couple Activities To Improve Your Relationship

A large part of being in a couple is about doing things together. You love each other, and you’re each other’s favorite person. But what do you do all day ?

What are some great things to do as a couple, for your relationships ?

This article will focus on activities that both improve your health, and your relationship. Or at least just the relationship.

healthy couple activities

So what are some healthy couple activities to improve your relationship ?

We’re going to go through a list with all of these activities, and you’ll find them in the table of context above, if you want to jump to one in particular.

In general, the activities are about growing together, sharing an experience, or learning how to best cooperate. So let’s start !

1. Exercise together

Yes, this is the one we put first since this is something we insist on a lot around here. Even if you’re not exercising to compete in bodybuilding, it’s still something that will benefit you both.

Exercising with your loved one will bring a new set of experiences to your relationship. You will see and help each other through sweaty, tired moments.

You will see your partner proud as ever to be lifting that particular weight. Or your sweetheart managing to do 30 minutes of cardio straight, and still be able to stand after.

There are feats and benefits for your relationship as well, including more energy, more stamina, better focus on whatever you need to do. Your general disposition ill be elevated, and guess who will feel refreshed after ?

It may not sound like it, but exercising together will refresh and awake you both after a long day at work.

If you want more info on that, you can check out our article on how to start working out with your partner. You’ll find tips for beginners, and also what to expect when you start. Have fun !


2. Relax and put those phones away

This is something we practice every day, and we honestly think everyone could benefit from this. You do need your phone with you for most of the day, true.

But try leaving it aside in the evening, or whenever you and your sweetheart choose to spend some time together. You can properly focus on each other, without notifications and tweets getting in your face.

We all know how easy it is to get carried away when we just check our phone to see who called, and half an hour later we’re still scrolling.

If you’re doing that more often that spending quality time with your significant other, then it’s time to put the phone away for a few minutes.

You can try actually having this arrangement with your partner, where you both put your phones in the other room, and just spend 30 minutes together for couple time. It could be for a walk together, or just talking about your day, or just to cuddle up.

Bring the emphasis back on your relationship, and the one you love.

3. Talk about your money

Whether you share your money or keep it separate, this is something that needs to be discussed.

Spending habits, credit scores, overdue bills can all be a problem if you don’t know how your partner is with those. And if we’re aiming for a healthy couple and relationship, then this talk is necessary.

Maybe one of you doesn’t really check their account that often, but generally doesn’t spend much. While the other regularly refreshes their mobile banking, and knows exactly how much they’re spending at any given time.

If you don’t talk about it beforehand, one may think the other has very poor finance skills, and wouldn’t really trust an investment with them. Even something like buying a vacation together can be tricky if you’re not clear about spending habits.

One may want to save money for a year, then go on an all-inclusive vacation and just splurge. The other partner might think this is insane, and a fight will probably ensue.

So make sure you discuss money, don’t shy away from this topic.

Just for reference, money problems are the biggest reason for divorce. Better to know ahead of time what both of you are dealing with.

4. Cook together

Whether one is a master chef and the other can burn water, or you’re both okay with living off of canned soup, cooking together is an experience of its own.

You need coordination, cooperation, and some fairly good skills with a knife to do this properly. And you can’t get to that point unless you practice.

So practice cooking together, until you both know how to cook pasta to your liking. Or until you can cover for each other if the ‘head chef’ is sick or out of town.

Cooking together will be a bonding experience, and you can explore new tastes. Maybe one of you likes thai food, but the other hasn’t tried it yet ? You could cook something together, show your partner why that ingredient makes an entire dish.

5. Actively maintain your social circle

Often when we get into a relationship, we forget our friends. Especially if it’s a serious, long term relationship. It happens to the best of us.

That’s something fixable, and actually needed for your social health. Even if you don’t meet up every week, keeping in contact with your friends is recommended.

It gives you access to the ‘outside world’ – we all know couples have their own cocoon – and many people equals many situations. Invitations to go swimming somewhere. New Years plans. Someone’s birthday.

Keeping your social circle fairly close is not easy as a couple, and here’s why. You’re balancing work, cuddle time, house chores, alone time, cooking, and sleeping, and where do you fit in going out ?

While it can be a bit tough, it’s doable. Even if you meet up every 2 weeks, it’s still something you can do.

6. Play together, and against each other

This is something that will bring a little playfulness to your relationship. And even a bit of healthy competition.

For example a few rounds of laser tag, or paintball, or anything that requires you to go against your partner can be fun. If it’s with more people, even better.

Some other ideas could be bowling, volleyball, video games, tennis, airsoft, rummy, board games in general.

If you’re going for board games you can start your own little club and bring people together on a weekend. It will help keep your social circle closer, like we suggested above. And it will bring fresh and new ideas to your daily life.


7. Travel together

This is actually a great way to test your relationship, and find where you need improvements.

Traveling with your loved one can bring beautiful memories and will help your bond strengthen. But it will also make you take a look at your wants and habits.

One wants a very nice hotel with reliable wifi and AC, the other is alright with a hostel where they can just sleep ?

Is one of you very calculated with money while the other one doesn’t really care ? Do you split the bill evenly ? Does one of you want to go on a 5 hour cruise and the other just want to lay in the sun and not move ?

These are all things that you will learn about each other. And learning how to properly coordinate everything to that you’re both happy will be a big step.

Aside from all of this, travel will change you, forever. You are leaving home and returning a week later. But you will be different people, and that will deepen the relationship as well.

8. Go to a party every now and then

Whether it’s something tame like the company teambuilding event, or a birthday party in Las Vegas, it’s worth it.

You can both find some new friends, and decide that dancing to Despacito is a great idea. While we don’t condone getting drunk or abusing alcohol, we do encourage letting loose sometimes.

Know your limits and stay within them. However if you do cross them and get very very drunk, helping each other get to bed safely can be an entire saga that you will laugh at in the morning.

Having fun with your partner in a party setting is going to show you the flirtier, wilder side of your partner. And that might just stir up the romance even more.

9. Morning intentions

While waking up is something no one likes, we do it with a purpose. Talking about that purpose in the morning, before you both leave the house, give the whole day a new meaning.

You will both know what the other is planning on doing, and your day will become much clear to you as well.

Something simple like “I woke up today to work on my thesis and get the first 10 pages done” is still powerful. Your partner can even help you, if they know what you’re up to.

10. Bonding first thing in the morning

If you’re both rising bright and early to get to work and beat traffic, you’re cutting a lot of precious time at home.

You’re aware of that, we know. But we propose giving your significant other 10 extra minutes in the morning, before you both rush out the door.

Remind each other why you’re significant with a kiss, a hug, a bit of cuddling while the coffee filter does its thing.

That way even if you’re both out of the house for most of the day, you’ll know that the first thing you did was spend time with each other.

And if that’s how you start your day, it’s going to improve your mood and put everything into perspective. Your relationship comes before everything else.


11. Recognize your sweetheart’s efforts

We make a lot of small sacrifices for our loved ones, even if they don’t always see them. Putting them first before our friends, coming straight home from work instead of staying out for a drink with coworkers.

Sometimes we have to make more difficult choices, like choosing them over our sibling. Or not keeping your  cat because your partner’s allergic to cats.

Whatever the case, dramatic or not, some efforts and sacrifices are involved. And getting our partner’s recognition can make all the difference.

So the next time you ask your partner to bring you a glass of water because the bed is too comfy, thank them for the effort. When they bring you a towel for the shower because your forgot, thank them for having your back.

If your partner is the one usually the one taking the trash out, without you asking, thank them. Make an effort to observe your partner the next few days and see what they’re doing for you. You’ll notice a lot of things you maybe weren’t aware of.

12. Actively listen before you reply

Most of us only listen to wait for our partner to stop speaking, so we can say our line. The problem with this is that no one really listens in this case.

If you’re talking to your partner about childhood memories it’s alright to bring your own into discussion. But don’t make it about yourself and always have a memory to match their own.

Ask your loved one detail questions, like how did they feel when they dd that ? Did they ever get over it ? Do they still have that scar ? Comment on their memory a bit. Don’t interrupt.

This will all seem mechanical if you’re doing it on purpose. The best way to listen, truly listen, is to follow what they’re saying like you’re trying to understand the plot of a movie.

Don’t jump to conclusions though. The best conversations are the ones where the partner feels like you’ve taken interest into what they’ve said.

13. Have some alone time

We’re all different when it comes to this. Some people need it, some don’t. If you and your partner have similar temperaments, then this will be easier to manage.

But if you’re different ? Then you will need to talk about it, to make clear who needs what and how much.

Then, actually give each other the space needed. Especially when you’re living in the same house, this is crucial. There are times when you’ll have to explicitly ask your partner to give you some time alone.

Spending time by yourself will help you put your thoughts in line. You can come up with new ideas, and just do you own thing for a while.

If you need to, you can schedule it into your day. Let your partner know that you’d like Thursday nights by yourself, and your partner will probably understand that this is your thing.

They’ll probably use that time to go out with their friends, or have their own solo time.

14. Spend some time with your own friends

This is super important for the couples who don’t have a large group of mutual friends. Sometimes your partner might not get along with just everyone in your particular group of friends.

And that’s alright, spending time with your friends is alright. Just like your partner spending time with their friends is alright as well.

While you can’t please everyone, you can make a little time for yourself with your friends. Talk about it with your partner. They probably have the same situation going on, and would like to see their friends as well.

So make sure you schedule in some time to meet up with old friends for a coffee every now and then.


15. Keep your family visits balanced

Seeing your family can be a great thing for you, but what if your partner doesn’t like spending just that much time with your family ? Not that they have something against them. But they like their family more, which is understandable.

Try and keep your visits as balanced as possible. If you’re spending Christmas with one family this year, spend it with the other  one next year.

Or, try and mix up the days following Christmas, like 24th and 25th with yours, 26th and 27th with their family.

It doesn’t have to be Christmas, it could be any random visit at home. Parents miss their children just as much on either side of the family. Make sure you keep things as even as possible for both families.

16. Schedule couple time

Sometimes life can get very very busy, and stay that way for years to come. Work, housework, cooking, grocery shopping, a leaky faucet, anything can get in your way.

However 2 things will always happen: you will go to bed, and wake up. If all else fails, schedule your couple time around those moments of the day.

If you go to bed a 10 PM, schedule an hour of couple time from 9 to 10. You can put the phones and tablets away, and just focus on each other before going to bed.

Or, if your schedule allows it, find some time during the day. Your relationship is supposed to be nurtured and kept happy and alive. If that means you have to pencil in a ”couple appointment” then do it.

But make sure you don’t forget about each other and what makes you special.

17. Celebrate the small things

 Be it your 3 years and 8 month anniversary, or the first time you felt comfortable passing gas with each other, it can be celebrated.

Everything can be a milestone to be remembered in your relationship. A year since you went on that vacation where you got the matching tattoos. Or 10 months since you started working out together.

A promotion for one of you. Your puppy learning to shake hands. 5 years since one of you got out of depression. Anything.

Celebrating the small things will keep you down to earth, seeing the small but steady progress you’ve made. It doesn’t have to be something very fancy, it can be something as simple as pasta night on your front porch.

As long as it has the intention of a celebration, it will do just fine. If your idea of a celebration is going out to see the kittens at a pet shop, then do that. Whatever feels like celebrating, do that.

18. Got to an escape room

If neither of you ever went to an escape room, this will be even more fun. The whole point of the game is that you’re supposed to find the clues hidden in the room in a certain amount of time. Once you find the clues, you will be able to exit the room.

It’s an experience that feels both very real, and completely surreal at the same time. It will challenge you and your partner to think logically.

It will make you get creative with some tools. It’s also going to be very frustrating when that puzzle won’t open.

But that’s where your partner comes in, because they might just see something you didn’t.

An escape room is definitely something neither of you will forget. And you can bring friends with you as well, to make it even more fun and interactive.

raise a pet

19. Raise a pet together

Depending on your relationship, your personalities, your home, preferences, and budget, you’ll have a whole list of options.

You can land anywhere between a goldfish and a dog. The level of interaction and attention will change depending on what you get, so make sure you get a pet that is suitable for both of you.

Raising a pet with your loved one will deepen your relationship, and give you a glimpse into what they would be like as parents.

If you’re getting a pet that needs a lot of exercise, like a dog for example, you’ll be outside the house half the time. Which is great for everyone, you and the dog. So that’s another activity that will keep you busy and happy.

Remember, before getting a pet: they have a soul of their own, so treat them well. Don’t get a pet for the novelty of it, they have years and years to live and love you. So be responsible about it.

20. Pillow fight

Remember when you were pillow fighting with your best friend ? And your mother came on to stop you from ruining the pillows ?

Well, she won’t be barging in anytime soon, so who’s going to stop you now ?

Have an old fashioned pillow fight, complete with pajamas. Chase each other around the house and get ready for a full on war.

You can get points for where you score a hit, and let things devolve into a tickle match. One thing leads to another… and you’ve somehow moved the furniture around the house.

Pillow fighting will bring out the kids in you, so have fun !

21. Take frequent walks

Leaving the house on a regular basis, even if it’s just for a short walk together will help refresh your moods. Depending on what you do throughout the day, your stress levels can get very high.

Taking a break every now and then will help you both cool off, and give you a chance to focus on something else.

Not to mention how much the walk itself helps. Even if it’s light, it’s still a form of exercise.

We recommend taking these walks around the neighborhood a few times a day, and making an effort to leave the house in the cold season as well.

Your bodies and minds will benefit from this.

22. Leave town to a random destination

For example you could leave your hometown to get breakfast somewhere 2 hours away, and come back by bedtime.

No matter how well you think you know your country, there’s always something interesting to see somewhere else. And it could be close by.

If you’ve got a town that still has some ruins from ancient times, or a very famous bridge, or an old tower that you can see the old town from, go visiting.

Becoming tourists for a day, but in a place that’s not completely foreign, will bring something new and fun into your daily lives.

You could check out local tours for that city, or ask a friend who lives there for pointers on where to eat the best lunch.


23. Go hiking on a weekend

Great for the body and the mind, hiking will break you out of your routine. Whether you stay at a lodge, or bring your own tent or camper, hiking will bring you in the middle of nature.

It’s always a quiet time, relaxing and very refreshing.

So take your significant other and go for a trek through the mountain in your area, or maybe the nearby forest. If you’re living in a mountain area you can get some stunning views for your friends to admire.

If you don’t want to stay that long you can just go for a shorter trip somewhere close. You can leave and come back within 5 hours, for example.

While you’re out there, you can find berries or mushrooms to pick. Come back with an armfull of wildflowers, or some cool pine cones.

24. Eat together

The activities we did when we were cavemen are the ones that helped us bond the most. Sleeping together, eating together, hunting together, they all bonded the tribe.

Sharing food is a very basic and powerful way of helping your relationship deepen. There’s always something very romantic about sharing a plate with your loved one.

Even if it turns out to be something simple like a quiet dinner at home, after work. It can still strengthen the bond you have with your lover when you’re sharing that mean. You’re both resting, you’re enjoying possibly the same meal, you’re recharging.

This is also a way of spending time together, so that’s another plus.

25. Be grateful

Before bedtime, take a couple of minutes and ask your partner what they’re grateful for. 3 things are enough, although you can go past 3 if you want to.

It could be 3 things that went well at work, or 3 things at home, or anything really. Making a habit of saying out loud what went well today, and what you’re grateful for, is going to foster goodwill in your relationship.

It might be a bit difficult at first, since we’re always so focused on what went wrong.

But with a bit of practice, you can find 3 things that went well today. It could be something as simple as waking up without a backache, if that was something bothering you lately.

Or maybe getting to bed early so you can sleep an extra half hour. Maybe the cat finally learned to use the litter box ?

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Final thoughts

Keeping your relationship healthy is work, no doubt about that. So use these ideas we gave you to make your work easier, and your relationship even better.

If you find at least one thing on this list that was helpful to you, we’re happy and we’ve done our job.

Feel free to check out our other articles, you might find something interesting there as well.